Are you or your organization looking for a way to give back to the community? HOPE Atlanta, Atlanta’s oldest non-profit has been helping homeless and stranded travelers for 117 years and we have a way you can help, too.

Over 5400 people in the metro Atlanta area will be homeless this season. As a result of funding cuts and the impending closure of two popular homeless shelters, we anticipate even more people on the streets.


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HOPE Atlanta has a project to help provide the homeless of our city with much-needed items.

This season we are focusing on Snack Bags and Female Hygiene Bags.

Care packages or “HOPE Bags,” are designed to help relieve some of the discomfort felt by the both sheltered and unsheltered homeless and keep them clean and fed.  These particular bags can include an assortment of basic necessities such as snacks, water and hygiene products that are difficult for the homeless to obtain on their own. Many of these items we have in our cabinets, such as snack bars or travel-sized soaps and feminine hygiene products. They are often discarded or left unused but can make an impact on someone else’s life. We’ll put our contact information inside the bags and our street outreach team will carry these bags in our vans and deliver them day and night to those in need.

Have fun coordinating an office assembly party or ask friends and family to empty their cabinets and make it fun project for everyone. Use zip-locked, clear baggies not larger than a quart size. Contact HOPE Atlanta for more assembly ideas and to coordinate the delivery of your HOPE Bags.

If you would like to donate money to fund our Snack Bags and Feminine Hygiene Bags, click here.

Send your inquiries about HOPE Bags to Krystle Waters at kwaters@hopeatlanta.org.

For more information about HOPE Atlanta, call 404-817-7070.

Thank you for giving so generously. You can make it possible for us to reach hundreds of people in dire need and perhaps help someone off the street for life.